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Plumber Of the Month September 2012 goes to Brian Osmond or known as Brian The Wizard

Plumber Of The Month September goes to Brian Osmond for the run of jobs he has done for us, Brian also got a good review from Barry Webb a customer he went out to late at night.

Plumber of the Month September 2012

Brian Osmond has been with us for over several months now taking emergencies when it matters most, for this we have decided to put some optimization in the Cardiff area for when customers are searching for an Emergency Plumber Cardiff.

What ever time it has been in the night Brian Osmond has been available to answer the call and go out at a moments notice making sure the customer has piece of mind when it comes to water damaging the home.

What I can say about Brian Osmond is, he's not had 1 complain this month or any month come to think about it.

Plumbing Reviews, want to take a look at Brian Osmond's Plumbing Review!

Brian Osmond is a fully Qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineer. He carries all the correct Emergency Plumbing Tools and all the correct Emergency Plumbing Materials

If you are reading this and would like Brian to give you a quote or attend to an Emergency Plumbing Job then be free to give Brian a call on 07889614498 or email him at brianthewizard@hotmail.co.uk

We also asked Brian Osmond to send us some further information about his business and just below is what he had to say.

I have nearly 37 years experience in the heating and plumbing industry, Here is a brief work history.

I started work in september 1975 as an apprentice heating and ventilating engineer with Cardiff City Council. This was a five year apprentiship. From 1975 untill 1982 the job involved maintenance to the heating and hot water systems in all council owned buildings, schools, libarys, OAP homes etc dealing with Oil, Gas and Coal. The council lost the contract for public buildings in 1982 so I was transfered to working on council houses and flats that contract ended in 1992 and All Council heating staff were made redundant.
I then decided to go self employed and have been working for my self ever since. Most of my work involves maintenance although I do undertake some new installations both for landlords and the private sector. I have been Corgi registered from the start and now gas safe reg in most of the elements as I under take a lot of gas safety reports.

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