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Emergency Oil Boiler Specialist 24 hours, Oil Boiler not working? Airlock in oil tank? Call us for a Oil Boiler Engineer

Require an Emergency Oil Boiler Specialist 24 hours due to your Oil Boiler not working? Then this is the best place to look. We can either get an Oil Engineer out to you or you can search the register for your local Oil Specialist.

For a Oil Boiler specialist please feel free to search the Oftec Register at the link on your right.

Remember that when getting an Oil Engineer, is very Important that he is fully qualified and has the correct certificate and registration to be able to undertake the problem that lies within the Oil Boiler.

Oil Boiler Specialist frequently asked questions

Question. My Oil Boiler is not working what should i do?

Answer. Check your oil tank levels. If you have run out of oil then refill your tank up.

Question. I have just filled up my oil tank but my Oil Boiler is not working, Why?

Answer. This is most likely because you either have an airlock or your filter is blocked.

Our advice would be to call an Oil Boiler Specialist out. Most of these types of jobs normally take about 20 - 30 minutes which you should not need to pay no more than the hour for.

We never guarantee that there is no further work as other problems sometime occur.

If you require our services, then we can get an Engineer to you within a couple of hours depending on your location.

The type of jobs we do when it comes to requiring an Oftec Oil Engineer are: New tanks, replace Oil Boiler, check oil Installation, fix oil based cookers and fit oil fires.

The type of Emergency Oil Boilers 24 hour we take care of are Airlock in Oil Tanks, Blocked Oil Filter, Online Oil Boiler Help and Information.

Just below is a reminder of the problem that is most likely to arise when having a fault with your Oil Boiler.

Faulty Oil Boiler most likely reasons

The most frequently asked question for a Oil Boiler fault that we get asked when a customer calls is, "Why is my Oil Boiler not working and what can i do to get it fixed?

We find with 3 out of 5 calls we get asked is due to the tank being low on oil and at the same time is that 3 out of 5 times there is a fault on the Oil Boiler itself.


Well before i change the subject please keep in mind that 1 in every 5 Oil Boilers that break down is due to no oil where one problem can cause another.

To fix the fault on a Oil Boiler, half of the time all that is needed is to bleed the oil through, but you must not do this yourself and is only to be done by a professional Oftec Registered Oil Engineer.

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