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11 Wonders of the world in Ancient Plumbing

Ancient Mains Water Supply

Mains Water Supply

This is how far we have come from the way we get our water supply. First we discovered gravity then Einstein game along and discovered how to knock the bridge down, luckily through his mishaps we discovered where water goes down water must come up.

Ancient Water Supply

Water Supply Bridge

Who would of thought that the first Plumber was in fact a Bricky who built water supply from blocks of stone. Unfortunately with revolution some builders still build where other Builders still try to be Plumbers.

Ancient Baths

Ancient Baths.

How baths have change of today, today we have swimming trunks and costumes but in the Ancient days there use to be no such thing as swim wear. Why get Embarrass, were all made the same way after all.

Ancient Bathroom

Ancient Bathroom

So it begun, people were different after all, the new revolution started and we begun to have our own Bathroom. Today, we now have white bathrooms, at least our ancestors have better taste of colors.

Ancient Shower

Ancient Egyptian Shower

These are not dancing Egyptians dancing the Egyptian way, It is believed to be sexually aroused males at home. Some people think this is some kind of water sports events. Just getting ready for the Olympics.

Ancient Basin

Ancient Basin

How many of us have Basins or should I say, how many wash your hand's once you have been to the toilet. Let's have a thought for the ancient, guess much hasn't changed after all.

Ancient Toilets

Ancient toilets

Should we all s*** down together, or we would all love to s*** in peace. We've all done it but have you ever done it in the same room.

Ancient Soil Pipe

Ancient Soil Pipe

Get out the way or you gonna.......... Oops, now this was bad timing.

Ancient Drainage

Ancient Drainage

Now this reminds me of spaghetti with a bad taste, Can anyone get the drainage in a straight line.

Ancient Sewers

Ancient Sewerage

Now here is a sewerage system going back when they built castle's. Wouldn't like to be a drain cleaner in those days, could you imagine one of these getting blocked up.

Ancient Poo

Poop Hole

Now this is how it should all be done. Many years later we have found the perfect solution and have now taken to Poop Holes. Camping on holiday and not a Toilet in site. What do you do? Do you hold it in or do you start digging.

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