Have you ever sat on the Toilet and thought, who Invented this amazing thing?

Most people think it was Thomas Crapper, but it wasn’t.

Thomas Crapper was the founder of Thomas Crapper & Co in London the first company to sell the Bath, Basin and Toilet, The Old British Bathroom.

Toilet Inventions

First Inventions of the Toilet Cistern

So who did first Invent the first toilet? Bear in mind that how far you have to go before it has earned the right to become a toilet. The fact is we don’t know, but what we do know, the toilet came all the way from the cave man day’s, where they were digging holes or plainly just leaving it on the ground like animals, as the years went on the toilet very slowly evolved.

The flushing toilet was Invented by John Harrington in 1596, in 1856 George Jenning’s also made some alterations that went down in the history books but the biggest change came in late 1850’s when Thomas Crapper Invented the Ball Cock and the siphonic toilet flush. This is what gave Thomas Crapper the biggest name in the evolution of the toilets.

Toilets by Thomas Crapper

Thomas Crapper

Thomas Crapper was born in Yorkshire, he took up his Plumbing career in the heart of London then eventually ended his day’s in Bromley.

Thomas Crapper won several warrants for the work he’s done which was to a very high Standard, his work was regarded  in comparison as the highest standard and quality possible in the plumbing industry in that day and age.

So where did the name Crap come from?

Alot of people seem to think it came from Thomas Crapper but to be honest this was just coincidental, but it did help populate with the word Crap which is fiction rather than fact.

The word Crap came from middle English in application to the body waste, it appears in the Oxford English dictionary in 1846 under the reference to a Crapping Ken, Pivy, (Ken which means house).

In Ancient Plumbing in Medieval Latin it was known as Krappa.

We would love to know more on history so please throw us some comments just below.

I would love to write more, but now have to go for a Crap.


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