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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms are no longer relevant, please refer to https://ephg.limited/terms.html

Booking Comfirmation

This page has been update 25th May 2016

Once payment has been made, you will either get a reference, receipt or transaction number. Once payment is made, then you will need to call us to comfirm booking, the time of payment to the time of calling is the proof of your booking. When payments are made, we will not know this until we have comfirmation. Upon comfirmation the time of arrival will be estimated as comfirmed within the site timescale. If your unable to contact us from making payment, then an email to emergencyplumber@me.com or a text is required to proof that the booking has been made and you are awaiting an engineer.

Delivery Policy

We aim to get an Engineer to you within 2 hours of the deposit being made which is stated in our Business Description + Price List please click here for more Information.

If an Engineer doesn't get to your property within the 2 hours of the deposit being paid, then you must make a complaint through our Complaints Form by clicking here.

Cancellations - Returns - Refund Policy

Any cancellations being made after the deposit payment, as stated in the terms and conditions below will not be refunded if due to the service we provide in the process.

Please note: If the Engineer arrives at your property and you do not wish for him to attend to the problem, then the minimum charge is still one hour.

Any cancellations must be made through our cancellation form stating your full name, email address and postcode. Customers Cancellation Form please click here.

The only reason we are able to pay back a refund is if we can not get an Engineer to you with the stated time. Please be aware that this can only be accepted if the cancellation form is sent to us before the Engineer arrives at the property of the job address which is processed in the form you send us.

Privacy Policy

Please Note: We do not store any card details on our site or keep note of them in any way. All transactions are done using Paypal which is a secure site. We also follow all guidelines set by Paypal.

Customer service contact details which includes address of EPHG Limited

Sometimes we may use a 3rd party of who you made the payment to so please note down the company name of who you made the payment to.

If you need to call our office or a member of our staff then please click here for our contact details.

Please read our extended terms and conditions below before submitting your category in the form to the left of you.

Other Terms and Conditions below

For all plumbing emergencies our aim is to get to you within 30 - 90 minutes however in some circumstances this may take up to 2 hours.

Our guarantee to you will be: If we cannot get one of our Plumbing Engineers out to you within the stated time, then we will do our best to find a Plumbing Engineer in an emergency as part of our call out service which will be within the 2 hours.

Before you finalise your payment, below is an example of what you will see depending on the day and time your emergency booking is taking place which is in our Price Plan by clicking here.

Please pay your call out deposit of £? to secure your booking. Once you have paid your deposit, you will need to pay the engineer £? per hour which does not include your deposit. Hourly rate is from the time of arrival to time of completion. The Jetting Machine (used to unblock drains) has an additional cost of £30.00 Payment is required at the end of the emergency, were any further work will be carried out as a seperate job. Any work not paid on completion may get an admin charge of £20.00, which does not include the 90% interest charge per year calculated on a daily basis plus £15.00 per letter sent per month, unless other arangements have been made by the engineer. Please keep in mind some of our engineers will not take Cash, Cheque, Bacs, (Card or Paypal). You must have at least 2 or more of these options available.

Failure to make a payment within 28 days may end up with solicitor and court costs added.

Total of first hour and after does not include materials if required.

Please take note of the clauses 1 - 17 before submiting your details.

Plumber24hours.co.uk is owned and managed by EPHG Limited which is used by EPHG Limited.

Clause 1. EPHG Limited has the right to email customers under EPHG Limited or 3rd party associats.

Clause 2. Any member of staff from plumber24hours.co.uk may use a outsource Plumber or aftercare meaning outsource whom may contact you being associated with insurance of damage (Plumbers that are not associated with our business but is willing to take the work on as a sole trader).

Clause 3. Any deposit paid to plumber24hours.co.uk or any associate of plumber24hours.co.uk is not refundable unless stated in our Terms and Conditions otherwise.

Clause 4. Refunds are only given if the Engineer does not get to the property within the 2 hours from payment of deposit. To qualify for a refund the steps listed below must be followed:


Clause 5. If there is no communication between plumber24hours.co.uk, one of their staff and the customer who paid the deposit within 4 hours then this results in loss of deposit unless stated by an email from our staff.

Clause 6. Any details that are incorrect in the form may result in losing your deposit.

Clause 7. If a member of staff from plumber24hours.co.uk can not find you an Engineer within two hours of the deposit being paid then we will refund you your money, unless you are happy to wait for us to locate an Engineer at a later date. All deposit returns must be request by an email to EPHG Limited.

Clause 8. All complaints must be made through our email which we have up to 14 days to reply.

Clause 9. Minimum cost of labour is for one hour.

Clause 10. After one hour, then the minimum cost is half an hour which starts after 60 seconds of the Engineer being on site at the job address, or picking up keys for the job address.

Clause 11. If the customer is uncontactable after the first hour and the emergency work is still not complete then the engineer will continue on the job until it is complete. The Engineer is in his own right to charge the customer up to 8 hours. (Please ensure the Engineer has full contact either through text, phone or email) Customers must inform the Engineer of maximum time allowed on the job with proof and not done verbally.

Clause 12. Deposit may be paid after completion either to Engineer or direct to plumber24hours.co.uk member of staff. This only applies if it has been confirmed by a member of our staff beforehand.

Clause 13. Plumber24hours.co.uk and staff are not responsible for the Engineer turning up late or not at all. Any accidental damage to any property whilst the Enginner is on sight is solely the Engineers responsibility and not the responsibility of plumber24hours.co.uk or any associate. Plumber24hours.co.uk or its associates do not accept liability for any damage at all to the property whilst waiting for the Engineer to arrive.

Clause 14. Customers accept that Lisa Smith and associates of plumber24hours.co.uk are an agent and may not work directly for EPHG Limited.

Clause 15. Aftercare meaning associated companies that will contact you after 2-hours of booking or more.

Clause 16. Before making payment to the engineer you must make sure you are happy with his time scale, work that has been carried out and you have recieved a invoice with the total amount on.

Clause 17. We do not hold any responsibility for any Engineers or any guarantee on any work carried out by an Engineer supplied to you by us. Any guarantee on any work carried out at your property lies with the individual Engineer. However we take all complaints seriously. If in the unfortunate circumstance that you wish to make a complaint, please do so by filling in the Complaints Form.