Gas Explosions UK

June 27, 2012 | 4 Comments

5 of the worse gas Explosions On the 26th of June there was a Gas Explosion in Oldham which at this present time is being treated as a Murder inquiry. Unfortunately there was a 2 year old involved who had died due to the explosion.     It was reported that there was a domestic [...]

water hammer

June 20, 2012 | Leave a Comment

How to stop water hammer Having a water hammer in the home is a common problem with home owner.  This can sometimes be caused by wear and tear from the Toilet Valve Washer going, pipe coming loose or maybe the pressure has gone higher in the area. Some people seem to think a water Hammer can be solved [...]

The biggest battle in Plumbing is making sure you have the correct tools for the job. The second most important thing about the Plumbing work is the knowledge and the experience. Just below I will be giving a list of Emergency Plumbing Tools that every Plumber needs to keep on there van when in need [...]

How to measure water pressure and work out what the water pressure should be in a house. Believe it or not it is very common that the Plumber doesn’t have enough knowledge of what the water pressure should be in the house. To give you an indication and a little more knowledge of how the water [...]

There are always lots to say when it comes to Plumbing, some say its easy money, some Plumbers struggle to make a living,  some say they can do a Plumbers job, and some Plumbers cannot do a Plumbing job properly. Well just to introduce myself, my name is Martin Smith the owner of this site and I like [...]

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