What are the regulations for my mains cold water supply?

When I left College with my NVQ level 2, I never knew the plumbing regulations fully, but neither did anyone else with a class of 10+.

My father had about 30 plumbing engineers working for him at the time, I was 18 and had my own van specialising in blocked drains and mostly working as an Emergency Plumber in Leeds, Manchester Stoke-On-Trent and Anglesey. But I never learned the Plumbing Regulations,

This article is all about the water mains going from the main road and into the house to where the stop valve is located

You will find that the mains cold water supply runs either under the pavement or under the road. The water mains branches off using a goose neck which comes from the top of the water mains looping up and then back down.

Water Supply going into the House

Diagram of Mains Water Supply

From the goose neck the Mains water supply goes to the water meter which is now a part of the water regulations fitted by the water board themselves, from the water meter to the boundaries of the consumers property is the property of the water boards.  After the boundaries then it is then the responsibility of the consumer to make sure the mains water pipe is good for use.

What is the depth of a mains cold water supply?

The depth of the mains cold water supply is to be around 750mm going from the meter in to the consumers property.

The mains supply has to be done in such a way like the pattern of a snake for example just in case of ground movement to save any fractures or joints coming apart, the reason for the depth of the mains water supply pipe is to stop the mains water pipe from freezing as it is warmer under ground and to prevent gardeners from sticking there tools into the pipe such as the Garden Fork.

Boundaries of the mains cold water supply

Mains Cold Water Supply

As the Mains water pipe goes into the wall underground and up through the floor it must be ducted, this then allows for easy movement just in case there is any future work and to stop any future fractures to the mains cold water supply.  The distance from the outside wall to the pipe coming up through the floor must be 750mm, which again help prevent the pipes from freezing up.

The mains cold water supply stop valve must be fitted as low as possible or within reason, with a drain off point immediately after.

If you have any stories or great plumbing pictures about the mains water supply then please comment below and we will do our best to get them up on the site.

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