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14 of the World’s Most Awesome and Bizarre Bathtubs

Here is a collection of the most awesome and bizarre bathtub pictures we have been able to find around the internet. We have tried to find some information about each one and we have linked the sites where we found the pics, enjoy!

1. Zen Garden Bathtub

Zen Garden Bathtub

Image Source

Above: This bathtub is part of the overflow collection and was designed by German design company Kasch.

2. Boat Bathtub

Boat Shaped Bathtub

Image Source

Above: A really creative bathtub shaped like a boat designed by Dutch design company Studio Wieki Somers.

3. Copper Bathtub

Copper Bathtub

Image Source

Above: This bath is called the Tub-E and was done by Australian company Wild Terrain Designs.

4. Shoe Shaped Bathtub

Shoe Shaped Bathtub

Image Source

Above: A really great bathtub for people who love shoes made by Italian designer Massimiliano Della Monaca.

5. Wooden Bathtub

Wooden Bathtub

Image Source

Above: This limited edition bathtub by MAAX is made entirely out of wood.

6. Artistic Bathtub

Artistic Bathtub

Image Source

Above: This tub is ideal for art lovers and was designed by artist Tetsuya Nakamura.

7. Mini Cooper Bathtub

Mini Cooper Bathtub

Image Source

Above: This extravagant 20 feet Mini XXL Limo has a tub in the back.

8. Illuminated bathtub

Illuminated Bathtub

Image Source

Above: An illuminated, self standing, polyethylene bathtub created by designer Jan Puylaert.

9. Book Bathtub

Book Bathtub

Image Source

Above: Couldn't find any information about this one, sorry.

10. Stone Bathtub

Stone Bathtub

Image Source

Above: This tub is made from a giant hollowed out rock and was created by design company Stone Forest.

11. Bookworm Bathtub

Bookworm Bathtub

Image Source

Above: Corian rectangular bathtub for people who really enjoy reading books by Antonio Lupi.

12. Glass Bathtub

Glass Bathtub

Image Source

Above: This ultra-modern glass bathtub was made by bathroom design company Novellini.

13. Steampunk Bathtub

Steampunk Bathtub

Image Source

Above: This steampunked bathtub was designed by Estonia based furniture company Marinemine.

14. Glam Bathtub

Glam Bathtub

Image Source

Above: Finally, this chic glam bathtub was designed by bath art company THG.

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