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Plumber Of the Month and Year 2012 recieve their awards

Plumber of the Month January 2013 goes to : Thomas Sweeney of TS Plumbing Services

Plumber of the Month January 2013


Best Plumber of the month award.

Every month we give out the Plumber of the month award. This is based on their commitment, reliability and quality of the plumbing engineers work so we hope you enjoy looking at their information as much as we enjoy helping these engineers to get recognised for the work they have put in to getting there awards.

To get the Plumber of the Month you also have to get Plumbing Reviews of customers.

Here we will include a write up of why we have decided to give them the award and hope they reach the Plumber of the Year, which will be decided in December. We have not decided what the reward should be but hopefully we will get some feed back of what you think the reward should be.

Becoming the Plumber of the Year can be good for your port folio when customers like to have feed back for how you perform. It is also great when they go in to any search engine and type either Plumber of the Month or Plumber of the Year. We wish you all the best of luck and hope you are the next plumbing engineer to feature in the Plumber of the Month.

January 2013. Thomas Sweeney of TS Plumbing Services a Plumber in Bromborough

December 2012. Stuart Jamieson of Absolute Plumbing & Building Services Ltd who is a Plumber in Stockport

November 2012. Mohammed Bashart of MBA Plumbing & Heating a Plumber in Reading

October 2012. Lee Cambell of L P S Lee Plumbing Services a Plumber in Wigan

September 2012. Brian Osmond of Brian The Wizard an Emergency Plumber in Cardiff

June 2012. Stephen Edwards of SE Plumbing & Heating an Emergency Plumber in Croyden of London.

May 2012. Joe Dawkins of JD Plumbing Direct a Registered Gas Engineer in London.

April 2012. James Coburn of JWC Property Maintenance a Registered Gas Engineer in Liverpool.

March 2012. Mark Tidd of Mark Tidd Plumbing & Heating from Spondon in Derbyshire.

If you think you can be best Plumber of the month then please let us know why and include some pictures by sending them to (Martin Smithsmith@plumber24hours.co.uk).

Thank you.

Martin Smith.