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Plumber Of the Month May 2012 goes to Joe Dawkins

Plumber Of The Month goes to Joe Dawkins for his part in attending jobs quickly and the distance he covers when on call.

Plumber of the Month 2012


Joe Dawkins is a specialist Emergency Plumber when it comes to the Emergency Plumbing Work 24 Hours. Joe Dawkins has been well known to us for getting us out of a sticky situation due to the distance he covers when it comes to other Engineers not answering there calls which is the reason we are giving Joe Dawkins the Plumber Of The Month May 2012.

We have also included Joe Dawkins in our Plumbing News for May 2012 - Joe Dawkins answered every call we past through to him through the April period regardless whether it was day or night. We recieved no complaints about his work performance or time keeping from any customers Joe attended to. Joe has been extremerly flexible, and has been a credit to the business from his time on board.

Joe is also a fully qualified Gas Safe engineer.

Martin Smith thinks Joe is more experienced than most in the emergency plumbing service due to the commitment Joe puts in.

Joe's personal life: Joe Dawkins is married with 3 children and has been a Fully Qualified Plumber for over 12 years.

Joe has also got 2 Engineers who also work for him and have a combined experience of 45 years in the Plumbing trade.

Full Marks to Joe Dawkins from JD Plumbing Direct, need a Plumbing/Gas Engineer in Croydon area then call Joe on 07940 640191 or 02087760574. On call 24/7 for all your domestic plumbing needs.

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