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Plumbing Stories

Plumbing Stories - 25th August 2011 My plumbing stories is that for the past 2 years my living room radiator wasn't working until yesterday thanks to Saltire!.by Twitter/GoFitnessAdvice. Reply! Who is Saltire.

Plumbing Stories - 25th August 2011 I was house sitting a close friends home. A year earlier she had had a new upstairs bathroom & below a state of the art kitchen custom made. what she didn't know was the plumber didn't fit a pipe properly and the ceiling above the kitchen was filling with water. As I stepped out of the shower the kitchen ceiling fell in on the marble bench tops & beautiful wood floor. They had also left all the old copper piping in the roof. All crashed below. What a mess. A hand crafted mess! From Susi Lomax in London. Reply! Unfortunately most Plumbers don't keep up with regulation with Plumbing Byelaws Which results in Billions of pounds lost in Insurance and Damages through out the UK

Plumbing Stories - 15th November 2011 I was an Engineer for an Apartment complex almost 25 years ago, and yet it seems like just yesterday when I got this call. It seems a gentleman was having a party at his apartment with his close friends and family; when his ONLY toilet backed up. I went over with my tools, and with EVERYONE crammed into the bathroom with me ... I pulled out a pair of his underwear! I am sure I'm not the only one sharing this plumbing story to this very day! Cheers! By Just Byron of Gaithersburg USA

Plumbing Stories

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