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Plumber Of the Month June 2012 goes to Stephen Edwards

Plumber Of The Month June goes to Stephen Edwards for his part in attending jobs quickly, his reliability, and the distance Stephen covers when on call. Stephen has had no complaints about his work performance.

Plumber of the Month

Stephen Edwards has been a great pleasure to our business as he is the only Plumbing Engineer to answer every single call even in unsociable hours.

We find Stephen has been very enthusiastic when it comes to the Plumbing, whether its a general Plumbing Job or being on call 24 hour as an Emergency Plumber.

In the Plumbing Industry it is normally found that on average there will be at least 1 complaint every 3 months depending on the work volume. Stephen has done plenty of work now for us with not one complaint to his name.

Plumber24hours.co.uk has recently started a Plumbing Reviews Page where you will find a customer giving Stephen his first review. SE Plumbing and Heating Reviews.

In the near future Stephen's plans are to become a Gas Safe Engineer to further his working skills which he already has experience in.

Stephen's other interests outside of work are running, going to the gym, taking care of his physical health and appearance.

If you are reading this and would like Stephen to give you a quote or attend to an Emergency Plumbing Job then be free to give Stephen a call on 07960761411 or email him at sc-edwards@live.com.

We also asked Stephen to send us some further information about his business and just below is what he had to say.

General and Emergency Plumber in Croydon Stephen Edwards - SE Plumbing and Heating.

SE Plumbing & Heating is a well known business. We can provide a portfolio and references on request. Prices are very competitive, however we are happy to negotiate.

SE Plumbing & Heating Croydon strive for maximum quality and customer satisfaction. We work to a very high standard when undertaking our work and understand the importance of our client’s expectations.

JIB Plumber with 5+ years experience and extensive knowledge of all types of Plumbing and Heating Systems. Experienced in maintenance, installation and testing (fault finding) in both domestic and commercial environments. Effectively able to coordinate required duties in a timely and cost effective manner, paying close attention to details. Proven ability for fault finding and delivering excellent customer satisfaction.

I'm a hands on multi-skilled individual and have acquired a good working knowledge in the following trades: Plumbing, Bathroom Installation, Domestic Electrical Installation, Tiling, Plastering, and basic Carpentry skills.

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