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Plumber Of the Month March 2012 goes to Mark Tidd

Plumber of the month goes to Mark Tidd in his part of keeping the customer happy and helping us out when we were short of Plumbing Engineer in the Cambridgeshire area, Mark Tidd also kept a 100% customer satisfaction with no complaint of his work and was always answering his phone whether in was in the day time or at night, we have also included Mark Tidd in our Plumbing News for March 2012 - Mark Tidd answered every call we past through to him through the February period regardless whether it was day or night. We recieved no complaints about his work performance or time keeping from any customers Mark attended to. For this we have decided to do some local Search Engine Optimization in his area to gain more work with just under a £100 pounds of link baiting.

Plumber of the Month 2012

Fall Marks to Mark Tidd from Mark Tidd Plumbing and Heating, need an Plumbing/Gas Engineer in Derbyshire area then call Mark on 07976829014. On call 24/7 for all your Domestic Plumbing needs.

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