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Plumber Of the Month April 2012 goes to James Coburn

Plumber of the month goes to James Coburn for his part of keeping the customer happy, has also been reliable, flexibliity and the commitment James has put in to the Plumbing industry.

Plumber of the Month 2012


James was one of the first Engineers who joined us out of a strong 300 + and continues to grow in confidence. Qualifications he has gained and commitment he has put in to helping the customers gain instant trust with James as an Emergency Plumber.

We have also included James Coburn in our Plumbing News for April 2012 - James Coburn answered every call we past through to him through the March period regardless whether it was day or night. We recieved no complaints about his work performance or time keeping from any customers James attended to. James has been extremerly flexible, and has been a credit to the business from his time on board.

When James first started his business he was funded by the prince's trust to start a property maintenance company. When James had got his funding he then went in for his Gas of which he passed and then becames a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. As a Plumber and a Gas Engineer in Liverpool, James then decided to complete a Unvented hot water cylinder course of which he has passed. James thrives on making customers happy knowing that his business is doing well and his recommendation based of customer is getting larger.

The customers are not only happy with his work but also with his punctuality and a good communication. James has now been trading for about a year now and so far has had 100% possitive feedback. James is multi skilled and also does other types of work such as Tiling and Joinery.

James is happy to go the distance as long as it's within a budget.

Martin Smith from www.plumber24hours.co.uk thinks James is going to go along way and has a good future ahead in the Plumbing industry.

James personal life: We congratulate James in getting married next month and wish him all the best.

Full Marks to James Coburn from JWC Property Maintenance, need an Plumbing/Gas Engineer in Liverpool area then call James on 07812 376 232. On call 24/7 for all your Domestic Plumbing needs.

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