I have water scale how do i remove this?

About the rain water and how we come to getting Water Scale

This can be quite a common problem, especially if your water comes from a place where there’s Limestone, Chalk and Salt.


Limescale in my Cylinder

Limescale in Cylinder

First things first, There’s the rainwater falling from the sky and on its way it passes through dust and gases, the rain falls as a weak and a dirty acid solution.  If the rain falls on moorland then the water will then become very soft. With Sandstone the water is just soft but not very soft, if the rain is where there’s plenty of Limestone then the water will be Hard leading to limescale. on rare occasions you may get salt which then leads to a more permanent build up but is normally filtered out by the water factory.

Limescale in my Pipe

Limescale in Pipe

Soft water is great when it comes to washing but the down sides of soft water is that it can currode you pipes such as your lead and copper, so it is always advised to use plastic as much as possible in the situation.

Hard water that comes from sandstone is split between 2 which is either Permanently hardness or Temporary hardness.

Permanently Hardness is where the water doesn’t scale but can not be removed by boiling a kettle.

Limescale on the Immersion Heater

Immersion Heater Limescale

Temporary Hardness is where you can remove the limestone by boiling a kettle but unfortunately you will get limestone which is left over which is the reason after 25 years of have a cylinder to your hot water may be 1/10 full of limescale.

Just above is a typical build up of lime scale around the Immersion Heater.

Ways to remove limescale

You could put limescale tablets in but is four to not be much effective.  The best solution is to fit a lime scale remover to the mains water pipe just after the stop valve or there the other option of fitting an electrical wiring around the pipe which then breaks up the limescale as it passes through the mains water pipe.

If you have any other thoughts about “Limescale in my Water” then we would like to know about them.


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  1. Linda Michelle on August 9, 2012 3:43 pm

    Wow, this article was useful, thanks a lot for this! It was really helpful, ill be sure to check on my water hardness, i have a gut feeling its soft as it can get..

  2. G Andrews on August 15, 2012 1:27 pm

    Really informative article. Some of the limescale we’ve come across on immersion heaters has been quite remarkable!

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