I (Martin Smith) have just recently been asked,  “How to loosen a Stop Valve?”   So this is the reason I am writing on how to loosen the Stop Valve.

In most cases it is much easier to just buy a new Stop Valve and replace it, but as a money saving tip,  if you have time on your hands then please carry on reading on how to service a Stop Valve by Martin Smith.

Stop Valve

Stop Valve

The reason why Stop Valves get stuck is due to build up of dirty and scale over the years. The easy but expensive way would be to get a Plumbing Engineer, but a money saving tip on Plumbing would be, is to do it yourself.

Just below are some steps you will need to follow to enable you to fix your own Stop Valve, which includes a good service.

  1. Turn off the mains Stop Valve, this is normally located in the public pavement outside your home.
  2. If your unable to access or turn off your mains Stop Valve, then call your local water board.
  3. As shown in the picture,  you will need to disconnect the Gland Nut, and then the Body.
  4. Disconnect the Spindle, Gland Nut and body.
  5. Completely clean all parts until free of scale and dirt (You may require some descaling tablets).
  6. Re-grease Spindle Thread and replace Washer, then put all three back together.
  7. When fitting the body back on to the Valve Base make sure you place a Fibre Washer inbetween to stop any leaks.
  8. If then you have completely cleaned your Stop Valve and serviced it in the correct way, then your Stop Valve will work like new.

Just below are some Stop Valve questions i am getting asked.

I am having trouble finding my stop valve what should i do?

How do i repair a Stop Valve?

My Stop Valve is leaking, how do i stop a leaking Stop Valve?

If there is any questions you would like to ask us about the Stop Valve then be free to ask us.


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