How to measure water pressure and work out what the water pressure should be in a house.

Believe it or not it is very common that the Plumber doesn’t have enough knowledge of what the water pressure should be in the house.

To give you an indication and a little more knowledge of how the water pressure works.  We have taken it upon myself to give you an insight of how the water pressure should be.

How to find Water Pressure

Water Pressure

Here is one of the theory’s of why the water pressure is strong or poor.  It is known that the more the weight of water, the higher the pressure as shown in the picture above.

If you are a Plumber then you should know, when finding a storage tank in an airing cupboard for example, an apartments or standard houses. You will find that fillling a bath can take about half an hour sometimes.

If you live in a house where the tank is in the attic above the 1st floor and the bathroom is on the ground floor, then your bath should fill within 5 minutes.

The saying goes, the wider the pipe, including the outlet, then the quicker the water.   This doesn’t mean you have higher pressure. It just means you have a better flow of water going to appliances.

Water Pressure measured Bar to height

Water Pressure by Bar

The water pressure is read by bars per square meter.

The mains water in a house, if measured, can be found to have a pressure between 1 bar and 10 bars.  When you have a Combination Boiler fitted in your house,  you should have a pressure that is greater than 2 bars. If the Boiler is Below 2 bars then your hot water may perform poor. This has nothing to do with the Boiler Pressure.

In some areas of the country, the water pressure may be found to be above 10 bars. In this case anything above 5 bars should be advised to have a water pressure reducing valve fitted to save on any further complications.

Before you fit a new Combination Boiler, we would advise you to test the water pressure entering the house. The best place to test this would be at the closest appliance which is normally the sink in the kitchen.

I had a customer ask me once, “I have good water pressure on my hot tap but how do I get better water pressure?”.  The customer had a 25 gallon tank in the attic, rather than adding another tank. We built a platform which was a meter higher, then re-tested the pressure.  The pressure from the tank was found to be greater which is an example of the picture above “Water Pressure By Bar“.

Here are common problem that customers keep making when buying taps for their bathroom. Customer buying fancy looking taps or not checking the instructions. When the Plumber comes to fit them, the water pressure is found to be very low.

Here is what we have to say. “Always do your homework before fitting bathroom appliances and always check the mains water pressure“.


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