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Top 7 Geeky Bathroom Designs

Here is a collection of the top seven geeky bathroom designs we have been able to find the internet. If you want to find more information about each one then click the image source links underneath the pictures, enjoy!

1. Pacman


Image Source

Above: We found this pacman tile design on one of our favourite blogs, the awesome Neatorama.

2. Tetris


Image Source

Above: Ideal bathroom for the hardcore gameboy fan found on odd things blog Oddee.

3. Mario


Image Source

Above: To see more pictures of this incredible Mario bros bathroom visit our friends at Walyou

4. WOW


Image Source

Above: This Horde motif bathroom was created by a couple who have been gaming together for 14 years - more info

5. Lego


Image Source

Above: Sorry we couldn’t find any info about this lego bathroom we found on Pinterest

6. Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Image Source

Above: We found this super cool Space Invaders bathroom design on mental_floss

7. Vader


Image Source

Above: We have saved the best for last - What serious fanboy wouldn’t love this tile design on their bathroom wall?