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20 Bizarre Radiators, the ugle, the bad and the beautiful

Here is a collection bizarre radiators. There mean, they may also look green and must be seen. I hope you enjoy reading all about radiators as much as we enjoyed coming up with the ideas for you to look at. The writing below most of these pictures have been done for a laugh.

1. Paper Clip Radiator

Paperclip Radiator

Above: The Paper clip, Genius. Someone with such a small idea, changing the way we bind paper together. His name is Johan Vaaler and his invention was registered in 1899. Now some has come up with a bigger idea. The large Paper Clip or am I wrong that holds Jimmy's fix it's and the amount of claims going his way. Sorry just informed that this information was all made up and in fact these are radiators made to look like paperclips. This paper clip radiator was invented by Scorocco.

2. The Water Bottle Radiator

Water Bottle Radiator

Above: Warning, do not take this to bed. Yes it may keep you warm, but. Once you take this away from where it is stored, you may require an Emergency Plumber to stop the leak as this is connected to the central heating system. This water bottle is a clever design by Florent Cuchet. This is always a great reminder if fitted in the bedroom for using them water bootles.

3. DNA Radiator

DNA Radiator

Above: Murder Scene, Red splatered all over the walls and DNA found right in the middle of this investigation. This DNA radiator is one of my favourite radiator due to the amount of effort put in to this. The correct name for this is The Speira DNA Radiator.

4. Dice Radiator

Dice Radiator

Above: Gambling problems are getting that bad in the UK that people are not happy with there small dices that they have to have bigger once. The most likely place you will find this is amungst gambling addicts who like to give there plying room that added extra feeling of a comfortable place to play there games. This Dice home radiator is names Dado and was designed by Andrea Rampon.

5. Lego Radiator

Lego Radiator

Above: Was sat at home one day playing with my lego set. I came up with the idea of adding a radiator to my lego design. I got on the net and ordered this radiator using my daddies credit card. Tee next day this parcel came and without realising it was not what I was expecting. It was huge! This radiator was designed by architect Marco Baxadonne in Italy of the company Scirocco.

6. Madonna Radiator

Madonna Radiator

Above: Would love to be the owner of these pair! The first thing I did when I saw these was grab them. Ouch, these are hot! Worst still I got a slap of my wife. Dont touch what you cant afford. In fact these pair cost a whopping £1,339 and you can buy them from Plumbworld.

7. Does the colour effect the heat of my Radiator?

Does the colour effect the heat of my Radiator?

Above: The answer to this is yes. The colour does infact effect the heat of your radiator. A chrome radiator only produces 50% of the heat of a white radiator.

8. Radiator Chair

Radiator Chair

Above: The days of the Electric Chairs are now numbered and have been replacement by the Radiator Chair. Why! Because they have now realised that killing him too quick, too soon, is now not the in thing. Let them fry slowly! This is a typical Ornate vintage radiators that has been re-invented into the chair which you would these days find in an abandoned building.

9. Old Fashioned Radiators

Old Fashioned Radiators

Above: These days buying an old fashion Radiator can work out very expensive due to the production side. The type of people that buy these are those who like the antique style decor in there home.

10. Beeston Radiators

Beeston Radiators

Above: This Beeston radiator was designed and made by The Beeston Boiler company Ltd. The company was formally known as Foster & Pearson. The company started up in 1841 and changed it's name in 1893 in Nottingham. This type of radiator was discontinued in the late 1920's The type of people that would have these type of radiators were the rich and famous, unless you were just rich anyway.

11. Round Radiators

Round Radiators

Above: This type of round radiator was to be popular in the victorian day and found either in large houses, hotels or some very posh offices.

12. Colourful Radiators

Colourful Radiators

Above: Now here's someone having a bit of sense with these dull looking radiator. Lets put a bit of colour in. In the early 1950's having colour funiture was a big thing and the latest trend until the worse idea came along and change the way we design our houses with white furniture in the 1980's. Out with the rock and roll and in with! Nothing. No colour, just white.

13. Radiator Web

Radiator Web

Above: With the Internet in mind here is what they came up with. The World Wide Radiatoror or should I just keep it simple. The Radiator Web. The only thing with I found wrong with this was, No Electrics, No Keyboard and No Screan. Just no sense in this what so ever unless your looking for a bit of style in your home.

14. The Black Box Radiator

Black Box Radiator

Above: These days if your going to be some kind of footballer or just some rich guiser you could afford to put some style in to your home by sticking what looks like some balck box. A BLACK BOX!!! Yes people we still dont not geting this right. No more let just move to the next picture because all your going to see here is just some black box.

15. Picture Frame Radiator

Picture Frame Radiator

Above: I like this type of radiator system. Radiators you can not see. Are they underfloor heating. No in fact them 3 smart picture frame are in fact are radiators. I want some! This type of radiator are become more common amungst the market for people adding some style into there home. I know what I want for my next home!

16. Livingroom Radiator

Livingroom Radiator

Above: The only type of collectors radiator this is, is a dust collector. Unfortunately there that many dust collector about the value of dust is worthless. As a livingroom radiator, personaly this is not my type. May look good in the junk room though.

17. Designer Radiator

Designer Radiator

Above: Here is a Designer Radiator what we think is quit trendy. These types radiator you would put in your hall way or livingroom where you would like to show off to your visitor. Maybe bring a lady friend home and spice the night up but the down side to this is. Dont expect a warm welcome as this type of radiator does not give out alot of heat directly.

18. Funky Radiator

Funky Radiator

Above: I love to see a nice and shiny chrome funky radiator but be warned that this will only give out a 50% heat afficientcy of a white one. This is also designed to go under the window but again we must mention that having a radiator under the window can mean more costly on the fuel bills as most heat is lost through the window.

19. Mirror Radiator

Mirror Radiator

Above: This can be a favourite among them glamour models wanting too look hot. This radiator is gauranteed if your in your 20's. This is not garanteed if your ungly. Sorry. Unfortunately this may be due to cracks. Jodie had one but has since been removed.

20. Finally, The Only, Everybody wants one!!! Standard White Radiators

Standard White Radiators

Above: Wow, I love this. Voted the most used radiator of today and that is a fact! They have a long live. Not! Most heat efficient, Cheap and everyone wants one in every room of there home. No DNA, No paperclips or water bottles, Not good for leaving your dices on or playing lego, Easy to visit, no Horrible colours, no webs or stuck in a box, No picture or design. And definately no brains in here. Sorry we now have to skip 50 years until some with a bit of intelegents come in and designs a better looking radiator or maybe they have!

All I will say is. Skirting boards and underfloor heating. The rest I will leave to your imagination!!!





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