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Plumbing News May 2012


In this month's Plumbing News May article we include: .The green deal, Emergency Plumbing Materials, Plumber of the Month, Plumber gets 21 months jail sentance, expansion of plumber24hours.co.uk and what to expect in May and the upcoming months in the way of plumbing jobs available.

Plumbing Repairs

In the picture to the right, the reason we have decided to put this in is because we feal we have taken a giant stride in making sure the engineers have the correct plumbing material for all types of emergency plumbing jobs.

Our Plumber of the month April goes to Joe Dowkins, Joe Dawkins as won Plumber of the month May 2012 due to the commitment he has put in to the business, his flexibility, work peformance, positive work attitude and many other positive aspects that Joe has shown, thank you Joe.

Expansion of our Business This month we have add a few more sectors in the plumbing register, we have an emergency plumbing stock, we have new plumbing register forms and an extra form for price job questions, we have added about 15 towns in the Birmingham area. April has been found to be a good time of year for general plumbing job enquiries but please be aware that May can also be a slow month for plumbing jobs as proven in the past, we like the oportunity to remind all plumbing engineer that the forcast for plumbing jobs is at it quirtest in may compared to the rest of the year as summer is upon us and the general public tend to be more careful with there money with the holidays coming up. August is found to be busy as there are a shortage of plumbers due the holiday period. September starts to get busier due to the winter upon us.

Gas Engineer gets a 21 months sentence for aggressive behaviour, unfair commercial practice and other misleading practises. David Hoskin replaced 10 Boilers which included some elderley while not have the necessary Gas Safe registration, It was found that David Hoskins was once carrying the correct certificates but had let them lapse over time but not updated them at a later date, David Hoskins went to Maidstone Crown court to be found Guilty which ended up in 21 month jail sentence, David Hoskins also duped people to thinking he once worked for british gas and could also get them £400 back when doing work on there property through a goverment backed scrappage scheme, he also told one customer that it was ilegal to have an espestos tank in there atic and there for the customer could get done unless the work was to take place and the tank was removed, David Hoskins also threatened an elderly 72 year old women, telling her he would take a cost from out of her house if she did not make the payment, the cost he was demanding was over £700.

The green deal gets over a £3 million boost which will help in the support of Gas Engineer getting more work. to read more about the green deal please click here.

To check out a Gas Safe number we advise you to check out the Gas Safe Register where you will find all the Gas Safe Engineers in the UK.

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