Hi, and welcome to my latest blog of the day airlock in my water pipes, In the picture to the right of you is a typical Central heating system, If your having trouble with you hot water tap then please go to how to get an airlock out of my tap, but if the airlock is [...]

Hi and welcome to Martin Smith’s Plumbing Reviews where we would like to ask if you could give our engineers a review. When giving us a review please include the Plumbing Engineers name and the date the job took place if possible. Why give a review? Giving our engineer a review will go towards them [...]

If your water tank known as a cylinder not heating up due to the immersion heater faulty. Then here are some simple ways to test this and hopefully fix the problem of your hot water not heating up. Unscrew nut and take of lid. How to test an immersion heater? Where the red wire goes in to [...]

What an unusual job i went on yesterday well trying to stop a burst water mains. This lead pipe is no usual lead pipe as a i was called out to an Emergency Plumbing Job in Macclesfield near Stockport. Outside in the pavement there was 3 mains stop valves which a managed to turn the [...]

I was just sat down watching Rogue Traders or known as Watch Dog.  I could’nt believe it when the British Gas guy came out to fix a faulty boiler and informed the customer that the part the boiler needed had been discontinued.  This was found not be true explained by a local Gas Engineer, The [...]

Hi and welcome to my latest blog where i will go on about the plumbing news in May and who got the Plumber of the Month also, I have been busy adding new towns for the Emergency Plumber in Birmingham area. You may have noted who got the Plumber of the month April but we have [...]

At 1am this morning I (Martin Smith) got a phone call for an emergency plumbing issue at the chat moss hotel in Glazebury of Warrington. There was water pouring through the ceiling, due to this the customer had previously turned every valve he could find in order to stop the leak but did not know where the [...]

How not to fit a washing machine hose was inspired by a job i recently went to which is the reason why i decided to write this article. I (Martin Smith) attended an Emergency Plumbing Job at 1am in the morning to a leak behind the washing machine due to there being no washers of [...]

Our Latest uploads areas when looking for a Plumber in Birmingham Emergency Plumber Acocks Green Emergency Plumbers Alum Rock Plumber Aston Plumbers Bartley Green Plumber in Balsall Heath Just got news from Police reqiuring a Plumber in Wakefield due to house break in with all the copper has been stolen. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious

Topic of the day is all about how not to fit a toilet to the waste. Sometime you can restrict the water going out to the waste by putting on an angle which mean you can easily get a blocked toilet. As shown in this picture you can see a lead pipe just by the [...]

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