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The Green Deal Scheme UK 2012 which includes Boilers and Plumbers, When does the Green Deal Start

When does the green deal start? The green deal starts in October 2012 where the goverment's aim is to save on energy used and raise the average house in saving's for the average bill.

How much money can we borrow for the green deal 2012? You the house owner can borrow up to £10,000.

How can i apply for the green deal 2012? You will need to contact a green deal advicer in order to find out if you qualify for the green deal 2012. To qualify your house/business will be looked at and calculated on the amount of heat you will save. If the amount you save is more than the cost of the work that is to be taken up then you are more than likely going to be accept. Once you have been accepted you will then need to contact a green deal provider.

Where can i find a green deal provider? If you are looking for a green deal provider then as long as you have passed the assessors report you will get a green deal plan, firstly you will need to go through the cooling off period to make sure you are happy with what you are going in for, after this period you can then contact a green deal provider. (The green deal provider is the guy who will get the finance help you reqiure).

Where can i get a green dealer installer? The green deal provider normally have there own fitter's but however you can have your own fitter has long has all criteria is met. Once the installation has been done to the green deal installers plan then the installer will then request payment from the provider.

Green deal for Boilers and plumbing installation

Under the green deal plan if you reqiure a new Boiler then be free to contact us through the get a quote form where we have a list of local gas safe plumbing engineers in your area.


Most of our Gas Boiler enquiries come from Emergency breakdowns to Boilers needing a quick boiler repair.

Our advice would be if you are hoping to get your boiler under the green deal plan is not to wait until your boiler breaks down due to the time scale it may take to get the installation done as the green deal can take a while for the process to take place.

We have more coming soon to our green deal so please keep your eye's pealled open and watch this space.

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