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10 ways on how to save water in the Summer, especially when there's a droughton in the UK


Water Drought

Here is a picture to the right asking people not to dive due to a water drought but honestly having no water is no joke and effects almost everyone.

Due to climate changes you will find that there is more water in some places and not as much in other places as shown in this picture as an example.

How can i save water?

Saving water is one of the biggest subjects for all waterboard associates especially as this can effect all of us.

In the Plumbing industry the manufactures have all got targets to hit. For example shower heads are being specially made in the way we wash and the amount of water we use, toilet cisterns are using 5 litres rather than 7, 8 or even 9 litres of water.

There are always ways you can save water.

1. I have an old shower type head how do i save water? First you need to take the old shower head off and replace it with a modern one which these day you could cost between £10 to £30 for (Always check that it is checked with current British standards).

2. How do i save water from using the toilet? The best way to save water is to either adjust the valve or maybe add a object in to the toilet cistern. In most cases it is easier to add an object in to the cistern as lowering the float operating valve will cause problems when the syphone in the toilet does not get enough suction.

3. I have an outside tap how do i save water? To save water when you use a hose pipe we have made some suggestions listed below.

  • Use a rain water collector so you can water the plants and grass by keeping this high up as possible then by attaching a hose pipe. Rain water always provides better nutrients for anything that is growing.
  • Always use a sprinkler when on low pressure.

4. Washing the car? These day there are more people going to the car wash instead of washing there own car's but think of it this way, when your going to most car washes the water gets recycled rather than wasting water at home, unfortunately this is a lazy and costy way. Our best tip is too use a bucket and a sponge.

5. Should i have a bath? Dont use the bath use the shower.

6. How to save water well brushing my teeth? Dont leave the water running.

7. Should i have to pay for my water? Paying for your water is the most effective way as this is the reason your more than likely will try to find a way to save water.

8. My tap is dripping? If your have a dripping tap then this can lead to you requiring a Plumber. Over the year the bill will be cheaper than your water depending on how quick your tap is dripping. A good way to test this out is to put a litre jug underneath, measure time by litres, work out how many litres to the year and the cost per litre which you may need to convert to units.

9. Laundry Efficiency? Most appliances that are 10 years or older waste alot of water including your use of electric. As this is all about water then the question is to get an upgrade with the latest technology washing maching. Preferbaly opting for a Grade A.

10. Flushing the toilet part 2? Flushing the toilet, my mother once said to me, "Not flushing the toilet after every use saves water". Yes we can agree to this but what if this is the wrong answer and becomes an health issue? The question to this would be, why do we need 6 litres of water to flush a toilet? The answer to this is, we dont!, reason being is that you can buy a toilet that has a half flush on it for urinating only purposes.

Come and have a look at some toilet pictures, this will get you laughing.