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Toilet, spider in my toilet, wee toilet and after toilet use

Spider in my Toilet

Ever gone in the toilet room and found out there was a spider in your toilet?


Well who ever owns this must of loved spiders in there toilet or was just mad on spider man films.

I wonder if spider man is scared of spiders?

Well who ever has done this must of been well into there art, and has done a fairly good job designing the toilet and the wash hand basin.

On a personal view, I would of prefered to have the walls tiled in red.

Wee Toilet

I bet who ever this resembles must of had a laugh.

Some would say this is beautiful art work and others would say that they would think it was s***!

So what were they thinking and why did they decide to make this funny looking urinal?

We have plenty more funny looking urinals in the Noisy Toilet page.Giant Mouth Urinal

Have you ever been in a toilet or a urinal and have tried to aim in the right direction, but ended up in the wrong direction?

Well they have come up with a bigger urinal to avoid any misses. Rather that miss 50% you can now only miss 40%.

So let us know when they upgrade from this one and we can all be happy.

Ever had too much too drink and start chatting away in the toilets?

Warning! Do shout at this urinal, do not talk to this urinal because he will either swallow you up, or give you a huge amount of abuse!

After Toilet Use

After toilet use, men are always messy when it come to toilets, so lets see how women respect there toilets.

So we are going to give you the opportunity to find out how a woman uses and respects the "powder room" by putting this sign up.

All negative protests, please let us know in our Plumber Blog.

So lets go and see what a real Dirty Toilet looks like.