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Fair Plumbing Policy, Plumbing Code of Fair Costs

There has been a big debate of how much should a Plumber charge?. So we have included a Fair Plumbing Policy known as the Plumbing Code of Fair Costs.

Some will say we are Cheap Plumbers well some will say were Expensive Plumbers.

So what should a Plumber charge? Its easy to say your too cheap or this company charges extortionate rates, but what you have to consider is, what are the costs to the engineer to be working as a Plumbing Engineer without going bankrupt? Can a Good Plumbing Engineer be cheap or Can a Bad Plumbing Engineer be expensive. Do we judge the engineer by the vehicle they have or by the distance in driving they have to do in order to get to there location.

We at Martin Smith Plumbing have checked over 100 Plumbing Engineers with there costs on what they charge and took in to count on how reliable these Engineers are.

Plumber who we find are very cheap are more than likely to let you down or cut corners which will cost you more in the long run, We have also monitored some very expensive Plumber who over charge and still break the Plumbing Regulations by cutting corners.

This is why we have took it upon ourselves to become the national Plumbing agency for all local areas, I'm not saying we are perfect but what i can say is we are the best at what we do.

Here is an example Plumber efficiency report below out of 100 Plumbing Companies we tested starting with the best results then working down to the worst. This is is work out by cost + reliability = Happy Customers.

  • Martin Smith Plumbing (The agency) 64%
  • Company Number 2: 53%
  • Company Number 10: 51%
  • Company Number 50: 43%
  • Company Number 100: 8%
  • 64%? Well lets make this more understandable, 64% is almost 2 in 3 customers that call us ends up in a satisfactory job. The other 36% statistics are, 1 in 50 of Customers not happy 17 out of 50 customer look for a cheaper plumbing engineer. Do you think there is a national company out there that could beat these statistics?

    Probably not?

    This is why we have been noted as the best when it comes to a Fair Plumbing Policy because 49 out of 50 of our customers are left either silent or happy customers. Can a Plumbing Company achieve better! Martin Smith doesn't think they can, which makes us the fastest growing Plumbing Company in the UK without the support of Finance.

    It is fair to have a call out fee of between £30 to £70 which mainly covers Martin Smith the agency it making sure you get the best and most efficient Plumbing company.

    The hourly rate is between £60 to £95 Domestic Plumbing and £70 to £110 Commercial Plumbing depending on the time and day. This is normally due to the distance and difficulty levels of getting the Plumbing Engineer to your property.

    The rate is a Minimum of 1 Hour due to the average distance the engineers journey is, which is estimated at 20 minutes traveling time.

    The next hour is done at an 1/2 hourly rate to try and cut down on engineers spending over an hour just to double there wage. Please note we find that 9 out of 10 Plumbing Emergencies is done within the hour.

    If a cancellation is made then we have to pay the engineer an inconvenience fee of £30 but this way we keep the engineer happy and ahead of our competition.

    We see ourselves as the most Professional Company in the UK but if you think otherwise then please write in and explain your reasons. Thank you. Martin Smith.