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Why work for a plumbing agent and why are we different from all the other plumbing agency work

At plumber 24 hours we pride ourself's in being the number one plumbing agents for all Domestic and Commercial general plumbing and emergency plumbing because we gaurantee payment to you on every job we pass you as long as the job code of conduct is followed correctly.

Just below are some other reasons to be part of our plumbing business.


1. We have the fastest response time in the UK when it comes to Emergency Plumbing jobs.

2. We alway gaurantee getting an engineer to the customer even if our current engineer can not get to the property.

3. We filter out time wasting customers.

4. Customers abide by a contract before our plumbing engineer comes out.

5. Customers have the right to cancel even if Plumber is on journey, also engineer gets paid £30.00 for any cancellations well on journey to job.

6. The plumbing engineers we have on our data base get a national rate of pay where the pay is not too little or too much. (Between £60 - £95 per hour.

7. Any problems with the customers then we have a terms and conditions form to back you up on the form page.

We see ourselfs as the best in the country so join us on the plumbing register for Registered Plumbers.

Please keep in mind if you have any questions then be free to ask some of our engineer of our service we provide from the Plumber of the month.

Please also keep in mind when you advertise either with directories or adwords, with all your advertising you would be paying an aproximetely £30 per job you get, with us we dont charge you at all, why! because the customer pays the fee instead.