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Martin Smith Plumbing - 24 hour emergency call out service and general plumbing jobs including domestic and commercial

Martin Smith is based in local plumbing company on call 24 hours 7 Day and is been noted as the most reliable Plumber in the area, Martin Smith will also go out of his area if reqiured.

Martin Smith has been a Plumber for over 16 years now specialising in complete bathrooms, general plumbing service and most of all is great when taking out emergency plumbing jobs big or small.

If you go to the blog in the top right hand side of this page you will see a blog in which you will find a video of a bathroom that Martin Smith Plumbing has fited, in Martin Smith's spare time he also teacher plumbing and is also well know through out the uk for his skills, Martin Smith has a moto which is "do in once do it right".

Whatever your emergency plumber needs, call Martin Smith direct now on:


" Most other emergency plumbers takes about 20 min but the minimum charge is an hour "

The type of emergency Martin Smith deal's in are leaking radiators, pipes, central heating pumps, cylinders, tanks, showers, waste pipes, float valves, blocked toilets or drains and lots more.

* Please Note:

All work must be paid for on completion of the job, we do not offer credit accounts and so any late payments will incur interest and administration fees.