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24 hour winter weather Emergency Plumbing and science, Is the UK weather future freezing by Martin Smith Plumber

Martin Smith is a Emergency Plumber who has a very big interest in the future regarding the freezing conditions, and what I always ask myself is, "Is the future of the UK Weather, future freezing?".

As always I am always reading up on all articles and getting as much information as possible, but at the same time splitting up fiction to reality. To the right of you, I have got an article from one on the news papers.

In the past 60 years, we have recorded severe cold weather 5 times with a gap of 15 - 17 years apart. The question on everyone's mind is "Are we going to have another gap year of cold event, why are we getting this cold weather, is the UK getting warmer or getting colder?". There are always questions on the future of Great Britain the UK, which is the reason why Martin Smith the Emergency Plumber who has a massive interest for the future and the weather.

When I (Martin Smith) was a young lad at the age of 6, I can remember the icy and snowy conditions. Which as I got older the weather began getting warme. , When i turned 17 (1995) I can still remember going on Emergency Plumbing jobs, fixing burst pipes due to the freezing conditions. As we hit the year 2000, these freezing conditions seemed to be the thing of the past. I can remember telling customers there's no need to worry about getting frozen pipes as this was the thing of the past and every winter onwards was getting warmer and warmer. In January 2010 there was plenty of frozen pipes, in the same year December 2010 we had the coldest weather since records began so we now ask ourselves "Why?".