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Why are we getting colder weather by Martin Smith Plumber

Why are we getting colder weather by Martin Smith the Emergency Plumber In the past the sun may have something to do with the changing of the winter, as when there is activities going on with the sun, we normally have a cold winter following for a few years. Science have up to now found out that as well as Globall warming, solar cycles and the sun may also have an effect and determination to whether we have colder weather or not. Then we have to take in to consideration of the wind factors, heat spots in the earth, high or low pressure, salt circulation of the sea and time of the year.

The biggest part of this that can make changes the quickest is the wind factor, where when we get an arctic winter that lasts for a good period of time. Then this can change the weather dramatically. We are finding recently that the circulation of the sea, as made slight change as the warm waters from the south are not coming up as they use to. This makes the northern sea fronts colder than they used to be. This then helps the arctic cold winds to reach us alot easier. There will always be changes to the earth due to the global effect whether it is for the good or for the worse. One of the examples is that if the salt circulation stops in the water, then the UK can go back in to an ice age, which up to now we dont have enough evidence to determine this.

What does the cold future have for us - Plumber Blog

We are not clever enough or have the technology to inform people of the future. If we did have the correct technology then we would of known of the 2 previous winter suprises before they even got to us. Instead we got all the weather that suprised everyone. However, what we can go by is what we have learnt up to now with the technology we have, and predict it in the best way we can. What we can say is the changes that has taken place which can have an effect in the winter we will get in the future. For example, In the salt level that has had a dramatic change from once lived certain type of fish, which no longer can survive. Yes this does have an effect on the weather as the salt water is what causes the warm water to rise and have a pump effect in the ocean, which in return is helping to bring us warmth when we need it, and stopping the cold air from coming in from the North, stopping the pump effect and starting a new mini ice age off again.

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