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Plumbing Reviews 1 - 10.

Here are the Plumbing Reviews 1 - 10

10. 15th May 2012 We sprung a sudden leak from one of the pipes in our toilet on a saturday evening. Having made a booking through Martin Smith’s website, the plumber, Abdul, called me quickly to say he would be at our house within the hour, which he was.
He was polite, efficient and friendly. He spotted the problem (a washer in the joint) straight away and fixed it quickly and without fuss.
I was very pleased with the service I received.

Thanks from Mr Scott.
This goes to Abdul Nasir an Emergency Plumber in Burnley

9. 15th May 2012 You were called out on a Saturday evening to our holiday cottage as the tenants had no water. David arrived extremely promptly within about an hour, he resolved the problem quickly to everyone’s satisfaction and kept all parties well informed.
We are very satisfied with your service and would use you again.

Thanks from Carolyn.
This goes to David Powell an Emergency Plumber in Redruth in Cornwall.

8. 15th May 2012 Excellent, prompt and fast efficent service to install a new toilet esp late on a bank holiday, cannot recommend these guys enough.

Thanks from Lynn
This goes to Martin Smith an Emergency Plumber in Warrington.

7. 14th May 2012 Considering it was the middle of the night, he was remarkably cheerful and
positive. The job turned out to be simply closing the flow of water into
radiator which had sprung a leak, which he did in no time at all. My only concern was that the Engineer could not take payment by card.

Thanks from Barbara
This goes to Stephen Edwards an Emergency Plumber in Croydon of London who also has won the Plumber Of The Month June 2012.

6. 9th May 2012 thanks for coming so early yesterday and sorting things out. Everything gradually drying out now.

Thanks from Andrew.
This goes to Martin Smith an Emergency Plumber Orford Of Warrington.

5. 8th May 2012 Very good service from plumber Martin Smith. Easy to arrange payment using website. The plumber attended in good time. He was professional and very competent at his job. He solved the problem very well. Based on my experience, I would recommend him to anyone looking for a plumber.

Thanks from Yousef.
This goes to Martin Smith an Emergency Plumber in Orford Of Warrington.

4. 2nd May 2012 Very good communication, always arrived at specified time and everything seems to be working great. Very pleased.

Thanks from Joshua.
This goes to Martin Smith an Emergency Plumber in Orford Of Warrington.

3. 1st May 2012 Perfect – arrived within the hour, and two tricky little jobs were fixed within an hour. Emergency Gas Leak by my Gas Meter.

Thanks from Neil.
This goes to Michael Bennett an Emergency Plumber in Jacksdale of Nottinghamshire.

2. 30th April 2012 Very quick and extremely friendly and professional help. Emergency Job from 3am early hours of the morning.

Thanks from Peter. This goes to Joe Dawkins an Emergency Plumber in Croydon who also got Plumber of the Month May 2012.

1. 1st august 2011 Hi Martin Smith. I just wanted to thank you for your help yesterday in navigating to the list of plumbers in Derbyshire. I was able to contact Clive Allen who was at my mother's house within the hour and sorted the problem quickly thus saving a night of worry. Thanks again. Joyce.

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