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Plumbing News February 2012 no cold weather? What's new!

In this month's Plumbing News February article we include: A quick brief in to Plumbing life in January - Martin Smith moves forward in expanding the Emergency Plumbing Business - Landlord gets fine for failing to get a Gas Safe Certificate and mother jailed for scalding a child.

Plumbing News for February 2012 January has been the warmest January on record due to all the South West wind we have been gettin which has been pushing up all the warm air. There has been alot of speculations about the 2nd half of the weather getting colder, but that is why we call them speculation because this does not exist and the predictions are wrong as it has always been guess work. Some of the theories may of been correct about us having colder winters, but not if the weather conditions are kind to us as the current winter has shown. Now what are we to expect to the ending of this winter? Well if your thinking we are going to give you the answer then your wrong, because the fact is we dont know the answer but what we can say is not to expect frozen pipes as the current and average weather conditions have been above average for the past 5 months.

Plumbing Weather

Mother jailed after scalding a child resulting in a death - Remember a child in last months Plumbing News January 2012 where the mother and the partner had been convicted of Manslaughter at the Nottingham Crown Court? Well the mother went to jail for 6 years, her partner was also jailed for 4 1/2 years. Most people wont see this as justice, whereas others may think this may be too harsh. However most of us think this is justice and a lesson to those out there in a similar position, and lets hope this doesn't happen again.

Gas Engineer in Croydon? - This Landlord didnt think so! A Croyden Landlord was fined £24,000 after 5 tenants needed hospital treatment due to the Landlord not getting the Gas Boiler serviced and a Gas Safe Certificate to show that the Gas Boiler is safe to use. City of London Magistrates Court heard that on March 4th almost a couple of years ago an ambulance and a fire crew attended an address in Elgin Road where they found several people showing flu like symptoms and dizziness. One tenant even thought he was suffering a slow heart attack, which was caused by CO poisening. This was all due to the Gas Hob, Boiler and Flue that had not been inspected by a qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineer. The Gas Leak was found to have accumilated from the Boiler where the air vent had been taped up. This was stopping any air getting in which would then allow sufficient ventillation. Mr Long of Elgin Road Croyden, pleaded guilty to Breaching 36(3)(a) of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, as well as the fine, he was also ordered to pay the costs of £6000.

Finally, let's take a look at the changes Martin Smith and his Plumbing site has made. Our concentration has been all about getting the keyword Plumber on to the 1st page of the Search Engine. This enables us to expand our business, but not only this we have also been very busy building new pages, in order to try and rise the amount of Plumbing Jobs we are trying to get our Engineers. We continue to build on site SEO and off site SEO. We are also looking forward to plenty more How to Plumbing and hope you keep coming back and enjoying the news we give you.

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