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Plumbing News December 2011 Expect Minus Conditions

Plumbing News for December 2011 - November has been the warmest November on record which is keeping an Emergency Plumber out of work, but be ready for December as our temperatures are predicted to drop faster than ever. Our Plumbing news December 2011 is going to talk about the weather, what is new to this site, latest in what has been happening regarding illegal Plumbing issue and plenty more.

Gas Safe Register Sign

Plumber Accrington - A Plumber in Lancashire has been sent to jail for 2 years for claiming he was a Gas Engineer when endangering people's lives at 2 properties in Lancashire. Stephen Jonathan was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for committing a total of 6 offences after his work was classified as being immediately dangerous. The Plumber that was a 35 year old man had put those at risk of Carbon Monoxide or even at risk of gas explosion. The job took place at a nursing home in Accrington 14 Months ago. The Dangerous Boiler was noted when another Gas Engineer attended the property and disconnected the Gas Boiler before passing it to the Gas Registered Body who then investigated the situation. Luckily nobody was injured.

Overlook from last month in the weather for the Plumbing News, We have had the warmest weather for November since records began which is keeping the Plumbing industry quiet.

Plumbing Weather

The reason we are getting the warm weather is due to the weather change and the wind factors, including of recent events of the theory on how the world is heating up slowly. The reason we will also see colder weather coming in quicker than we are used to getting in is due to the melting of the ice, and the circulation of the sea where we are not getting the warm water coming from the south to the north like we use to. Which can only mean one thing that the north waters are colder and when we get the Antarctic winds the north sea will not cool it down as it used too, which means we will start to get a colder weather blast from the north which is the reason we had record weather blasts.

Picture time, The reason I have picked the 2 pictures above for December News, is first a reminder for those who require a Gas Engineer. If in doubt the Gas Engineer is Gas Safe Certified, then the Gas Engineer should have a Gas Registered Number below their Gas Safe Sign. If your want to check the number out to make sure he is registered then go to the search engine and type in 'Gas Safe Register check an Engineer out' This will enable you to check if the Engineer is Registered or not then report them if necessary. The second picture is what we Plumbers hope to see in order to gain plenty of work especially if you have been short of work in the Winter month but not so good if you are a customer. We offer plenty of advice to our customers in previous News and our How to Plumbing

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