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Plumbing history of water pipes & how did we use to get water?

Here we have the Plumbing History Infographic. Ever woundered what plumbing was like just over 100 years ago or in 10,200-BCE. What would the life be like for the Emergency Plumber. The quality of this plumbing Infographic we hope you enjoy but please keep in mind that over a 100 years ago the health of the general public was at risk. Even though some of us still have plumbing issues, plumbing has advanced. Please note if you want to share this Plumbing History Infographic then please copy the code below the infographic.

Emergency Plumber

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The History of Plumbing

The history of plumbing since the medieval times has come far in technology due to the advance in machinery and the evolution in plumbing. What the infographic is all about is how generations of how we use to collect water from the very first water closet to the technology of plumbing we have today. Could you imagine trying to call an emergency plumber back in 10,200-BCE. As you may of guessed there were no existence of emergency plumbers. As a need for the plumbing industry came about, then there was the first plumber who would most likely fit drainpipes from the likes of the Roman roofs where there was lead pipe. As the years went by, plumbing as it is known today only really accelerated in the 1800's. There were a few great inventions but only in the year 2000 there was a great acceleration in technology with lots of great gadgets.

The biggest question in the future of technology when it comes to plumbing is, due to the acceleration in the plumbing industry, where will we be in the next 20 years when it comes to Bathrooms, Toilet and all plumbing appliances. Due to the social side of the plumbing industry, the future is more than likely going to be interesting.

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