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Leaking Radiator Pipe and Leaking Radiator Valves - Radiators

Leaking Radiator Pipe and Leaking Radiator Valves Most Leaking radiators on average develop a Radiator Leak at around 20 - 25 years where some can even start as soon as 5 years and has also been known for Leaking radiators to Leak at around 50 -70 years but all depends on the quality of the Radiator.

What is the best thing to do when having a leaking radiator - The best thing to do is to turn Both radiator valves off but keep in mind that if you have a thermostat radiator valve then you may find when the room goes to cold that the radiator valve may open especially when it comes the the Winter Months but our advice would be to but a towel underneath and call either a general Plumber or and Emergency Plumber

Who do i call when in need of an Emergency Plumber 24 hours You can either call Martin Smith on 07720247247 as we are national and will locate you a local Plumber or you can search our Plumbing resources to the right of you underneath the video.

Drain Off radiator valve

I have a Leaking radiator valve what do i do - A Leaky radiator valve is Either normally caused by a loose gland or a kinked copper pipe due to removing the radiator which the best way to fix this is to close the gland up or to close the nut up which should stop the leaking radiator but if not then call the Professional Plumber.

Drain off Radiator valve

What are the best type of radiator valves your can buy. The Best type of radiator valves you can buy are standard drain off radiator valve reason being is that if you need to drain off a radiator then you are able to do this using the drain off.

How long does it take to replace a radiator - to replace a radiator first you need to make sure both radiator valves are completely turned of then you slightly undo both the biggest nuts on the radiator valve once the radiator has been complete drained off once you have done this you need 2 people if inexperience to take the radiator of the wall if flexible and turn around which then keeps the dirty sludge in the radiator saving you getting it everywhere, connect the big nuts then take away. This can take up to 20 minutes. Fitting a new radiator can generally take about an 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. Please keep in mind replacing a radiator is not always as simple as this and may only be in some circumstances say 50% of the time.

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