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Why is a Thermostatic Shower better than a Non Thermostatic Shower?

The reason the Thermostatic Shower is better than a normal shower is because when there is a problem with the heat controls either the hot water is too hot, or there is a problem with no cold water coming through. In this case the thermostatic valve reconizes this and turns off the hot water until the shower detects that the water is back to normal and not too hot.

We have a news article that has an example of what can happen when the water becomes too hot in the Plumbing News January 2012 addition. This article explains how a young child died. Unfortunately this is one in lots of incidences that take place in the UK.

To the right of you, we have included a typical diagram of a Thermostatic Shower in an Registered Care Home for the elderly, where all the appliances that any of the older generation can reach. This is part of regulations have which has caused a series of debates at the present time. This is due to most Plumbers wanting this to become a part of the Bylaws, which in all can save lives and stop plenty of injuries to everyone expecially the young and the old.

Before you decide to save money on buying a Non Thermostatic Shower, please keep this in mind that all it takes for your water to get too hot is a higher demand in your area at the time of your shower. Then the water can go scolding within seconds or even worse, you may have a child that has no control of the water temperature then all of a suden you here a scream and your child gets 3rd degree burns which could possibly be permenant. Or even worse if you dont get it treated, can end up being a death like in the Plumbing News January 2012.