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How do i get an hot water Airlock out by Martin Smith Smith

How do i get an airlock out of my hot water tap - Need an Emergency Plumber but don't have the money to pay for the Plumber? Then try and get the airlock out by following these instructions.

Water Airlock - A Water Air lock is normally cause by either running out of water, or by a badly fitted pipes where the air from the Heating element from your cylinder, makes air when heating up the water and the air has no where to escape.

How to get the air out of 2 single taps - First of all you will need a hose pipe and then attach some fittings on the end so that they can attach to your taps. Then open the hot water tap that is not working, then apply the cold tap in the on position so that the pressure of the mains water then forces the air out of the system. Depending where the leak is, and in some cases you may need to put a blank on the expansion pipe that goes over the Hot Water Storage Tank. This will then enable the mains pressure to push the air through the cylinder Hot Water outlet.

How to get a hot or cold Water Airlock out when there is no mains water pressure - In some circumstances you may come across this where you most likely do not have the relevant equipment. You can either get a longer hose and find a pipe where there is mains water pressure, then attach it to the tap that has the Air lock. Or you can buy the drill attached pump (As shown in the picture on the left).

How to get a hot Water Airlock out of a mixer tap - To get a hot water Air lock out of a hot water mixer tap, you do not need to attach a hose Pipe. But you will need to place your hand under the tap, however this can sometimes hurt your hand. So we advise you use a mixer tap attachment and block the end. Turn the hot water on, then the cold water, then this will do the same job as found out by our Plumber Runcorn.

Investigate why i keep getting these Hot Water Airlocks - Fill up the bath and check the tank, this is either located in the attic or the airing cupboard, then check it is not emptying too quickly and the tank is filling up as quick as it is draining.

Water Tank Capacity Solution - With today's current regulations, the tank should be 25 gallon to 1 bathroom, and where there is 1 pump pumping the hot and cold water from your Hot water Storage tank. Then this should be a capacity of 50 gallons. Having 2 bathrooms and 2 pumps then the capacity should be a minimum of 100 gallons, unless you have enough water pressure to keep up as the tank is draining away. Keep in mind that these are also minimum water regulation for your Hot Water Storage tanks.

If you are still confused then give a Plumber a call and ask him to check your Plumbing System out.