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Central Heating System Gravity feed.

Central heating system Gravity feed- Well here is a typical Central heating system with a basic diagram which includes the (from the top) central heating storage, hot water storage, cylinder, boiler, radiators and the draw off points.


Hot water storage - To the right of you in the attic space is the hot water storage filled full of cold water and at the bottom you will find a pipe which leads to the bottom of the cylinder where the cold water enters to replace water that's being used. More on "hot water storage"

Cylinder - Most cylinders you will find are made of copper with an indirect coil inside which at the top you will find a pipe which is the hot water draw off which include an expansion pipe that goes over the hot water storage.

Central Heating flow & return - To the left of the cylinder you will see the blue and red pipe which you will find the blue pipe is the return and the red pipe is the flow.

Central heating storage - The pipe at the bottom of the central heating storage is what is used to fill up the central heating and the red pipe that goes over the central heating storage is the expansion pipe.

Radiator Pipes - The red Pipe is the flow which with the direction of the pump will help the circulation of the central heating and when filling up the system you will need to open the air valves in each radiator to fill up.

Boiler - The Boiler that is run by gas or oil has the flow and return which when the pump is working then the circulation help the heat to move around the system.

What next?- We are going to give a more in depth to all the above coming soon.

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