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Plumbing terms and meanings.

Plumbing terms and meanings. Here are meaning of some complicated meanings.

Back flow - Flow upstream opposite to the normal flow.

Cistern - fixed container for holding water at atmospheric pressure.

Combined feed and expansion cistern - cistern for supplying water to a hot water system without separating expansion cistern.

Contamination - reduced chemical or biological quality of water due to change in temperature or the introduction in polluting substances.

Distribution Pipe - Means water either from a storage cistern or cistern in supply such as for example a copper pipe from storage tank to the cylinder or a low level toilet cistern to the toilet.

Expansion Valve - pressure activated valve designed to release expansion water from an unvented water heating system.

flushing cistern - cistern provided with valve or mechanism to control the discharge of water for example a toilet or a urinal.

Overflow Pipe or valve - When there is too much water in the cistern.

Pressure relief valve - When there is too much pressure in an unvented water circuit which opens to let water out when there is too much water applied.

Primary circuit - Is a circulation of hot water to either for example a cylinder or radiator where the water circulates around to move heat around without cross contaminating with the distribution.

Secondary circuit - Is water that circulates from the distribution such as the hot water storage cistern to the out let of a tap.

Secondary system - means an assembly of all water fitting's comprising the cold feed pipe, any hot water storage vessel, water heater and pipe work from which hot water is conveyed to all points of draw off such as taps.

Servicing valves - means a valve to stop the water flow when servicing.

Stop valve - Like a service valve but is not used for servicing but for only stopping the flow. of water.

Storage cistern - to store water with no flushing mechanism.

Temperature relief valve - If the water over heat's then the valve opens.

Terminal fittings - means a water outlet device (and see vent pipe)

Vent Pipe - means a pipe open to the atmosphere which exposes the system pressure to the level same water level in the storage cistern.

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