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Grade A Central Heating Pumps

Grade A central heating pumps - the picture below is the Alpha 2 which won the central heating energy save award 2008, its Energy efficiency Grade is A.

Grade A Central Heating Pump

What are grades all About - Well here is an example of a grade A and other grades.

To pass as a grade A the Boiler has to be 92% to 100% Energy efficiency which in other words means a 92% efficient boiler uses 92p in a £1.

I have a boiler that is about 15 years old and wants replacing - most boilers at this age can do with an upgrade which the reason for this is due to the older boilers are a Grade D 77% efficiency which if you could imagine you would lose 23 pence in a pound. Another example is, could you imagine your gas bill is £800 for the year, given your grade D boilers which are about 15 years old and if you replaced it you will save at least £150 for the year.

The Alpha 2 central heating pump - The Alpha 2 central heating pump is the most sufficient on the market today, the Alpha 2 uses the lowest amount of energy at 5 kw and is more quiet than any other pump especially when you turn off central heating valves or the thermostatic valves turn themselves off when room reaches temperature. Hope this is enough information and be free to check out why is my radiator cold downstairs and hot upstairs.

Thank you by Martin Smith.