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Why is my radiators cold downstairs and hot upstairs.

Q) Customer - Why is my radiators cold downstairs and hot upstairs 21/9/2011

A) By Martin Smith Smith - The Problem here is the Pump, when the boiler is on then the heat riser to the radiator which is not normal in this situation due to the pump not circulating the central heating water around the system. The Guarantee on a Pump can be between 2 years to 5 years depending on the manufacture and quality of the Pump.

Cheap Central Heating Pump

B) Customer - How much do I pay for my Pump.

A) By Martin Smith Smith - Pumps can generally cost between £40 to £400 depending on the Make, Grading and Guarantee that is offered.

B) Customer - How long will it take for the engineer to fit.

A) By Martin Smith Smith - If you are very Lucky the pump can be fitted within 1 Hour but we normally find this if the system is fairly new to start with and easy to turn of the pump gate valves. On average to replace a pump it will take about 2 and half hours but always allow for up to 4 hours which includes your central heating tested and there is no air in the system.

B) Customer - I would like a little more information on Pumps where may i find this.