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Emergency Outside Plumbing Stock

Here is a List of essential Plumbing Materials used outside of the house. This tape is always useful if doing a tempary job for example you have to stop a leak on the soil pipe.

Sticky Tape

  • Water proofing tape for out side drains which can also be used on toilets inside
  • 25ml Alkathene straight x1
  • 25ml Alkathene bend x1
  • 25ml Alkathene to 22ml x1
  • 20ml Alkathene straight x1
  • 20ml Alkathene bend x1
  • 20ml Alkathene to 15ml x1
  • Alkathene Inserts
  • 1 meter of alkathene pipe

All work outside may also include lead locks and bib tap from our Emergency Compression Plumbing Materials