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Emergency Compression Plumbing Stock, Emergency Lead Locks

Here is a List of essential Compression Fittings. It is always good to carry plenty of different types of lead locks.

Mix of Lead Locks

  • 5lb lead lock x1
  • 6lb lead lock x1
  • 7lb lead lock x2
  • 8lb lead lock x1
  • 9lb lead lock x2
  • 8ml Compression staights x2
  • 8ml Compression bends x2
  • 8ml Compression tees x2
  • 8ml Compression blancs x1
  • 10ml Compression staights x2
  • 10ml Compression bends x2
  • 10ml Compression tees x2
  • 15ml Compression staights x4 (Winter carry x20)
  • 15ml Compression bends x4 (Winter carry x10)
  • 15ml Compression tees x2
  • 15ml compression blanks x2
  • 22ml Compression staights x4 (Winter carry x8)
  • 22ml Compression bends x2
  • 22ml Compression tees x2
  • 22ml Compression reducer to 10ml x1
  • 28ml Compression staights x2
  • 15ml Isolation valves x4
  • 22ml Isolation valves x1
  • 15ml Mains stop valve x1
  • 22ml Mains stop valve x1
  • 15ml Gate valve x1
  • 22ml Gate valve x1
  • 22ml Pump valves set x1
  • 15ml Washing machine valves x2
  • 15ml Back plate and bib taps x1
  • 8ml Radiator valve includes drain off x1
  • 10ml Radiator valve includes drain off x1
  • 15ml Radiator valve includes drain off x1
  • 15 Thermostatic vadiator valve and raducers x1
  • 15ml Filling Loop (Flexi, 2x Blanks, Non return valve + Isolation Valve) x1
  • PTFE x2