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Emergency Central Heating Materials

Here is a List of essentials of materials used around the house in connection to central heating in an Emergency. In the picture to the right of you is the grade A Alpha central heating pump which is not an emergency essential but can be good if you ever decide to fit one, all we say is just be careful of the cost.

Grade A Central Heating Pump

  • 15/50 central heating pump x 1
  • central heating pump gate valves x 1 set
  • Spare pump washers x 1 set
  • 2 way divert or 3 way divert valve (is not a must but can be useful sometime when carrying one around)
  • Thermostatic radiator valve x 1
  • Emersion heater x 1
  • Emersion heater stat x 1

If you could think of anything related to central heating material that have not been mentioned in with any of the other list then please let us know at Martin Smithsmith@plumber24hours.co.uk.