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24 hour Electrician Emergency - Plumbing & Electrical work - Sparky

Emergency Electrician 24 Hours - As a Plumbing and Electrcal company we also offer 24 hour emergency Electrician all throughout the UK, So whatever your 24 hour emergency Electrician Needs be free to give Martin Smith a call and we will Get an Electrician to you within 90 Minutes.

What are Electricians also known for - Another name for an Electrician is Sparky which you will find is used mostly around the Building trade and has become a slang word for along time.


Electrical by a couple of Electricians - Here is a Picture to the right of you of a couple of Electricians i decided to put in which i thought would be great, Please tell me what they are doing wrong or just keep reading and i will explain.

First let's start about Martin Smith the Plumber, Martin Smith Plumbing at one time use to do all his own Electrical work in and around the Bathroom until the new regulations come out to protect both the Plumbers and the Customers due to the amount of hazards that were caused which i would like to state that this was not of fault of Martin Smith's but of fault to those people out there that have no Electrical Qualifications or experience.

Where are those who are not Qualified in Electrical Not aloud - The 3 Main areas in the House are the Bathroom, Kitchen, and the out side or any other areas that are related to water. As a Non Qaulified Electrician you can only change the apliances but only if you have self confidence and know what you are doing "Raplacing wiring is a definate no no unless you are accompanied by an Electrician where the electrical engineer will certify your work.

Back to the picture above, the wrong thing to do in the work place is to leave tools on the Floor which reason being is that most accidents are caused by this and you must take allot of care or as some people will put it is Extreme care, If you are new to the building industry or an Electrician when using a Stanley knife always have a sharp blade and point it away from you, Believe me as this will save you visiting the hospital needing stitches.

Just below when needing an Electrician please call the number below where Martin Smith will be of help.

Contact us now on: 08009705724 or direct to mobile on 07720247247.

Areas we cover as listed below: