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Plumbers Site Reviews by Martin Smith

124. 30th January 2013

Great response to a Sunday night emergency from James. Many thanks.

Thanks from Rory Maxwell roryjmaxwell@gmail.com.
This goes to James (Dont know which James got this!) an Emergency Plumber.

113. 2nd January 2013

We received a fast service even during the early part of the morning.
Thank you for your help.

Thanks from Stef smiliestef@hotmail.com.
This goes to the site an Emergency Plumbing Company

17. 24rd May 2012 Martin Smith was very helpful and I really appreciated the advice he gave.

Thanks from Kate Green kg@gmail.com
This goes to Plumber 24 hours Help and advice sponsoring Emergency Plumber Birmingham

Subject: How to de-pressuraze my Boiler

These review are given by customers who get advice over the phone or has no engineers name in support