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Joe Dawkins Plumbing Reviews

36. 1st August 2012

Joe Dawkins provided an excellent service at 2 in the morning under particularly trying circumstances. Highly recommended.

This goes to Joe Dawkins a Emergency Plumber in Bromley near London

32. 23rd July 2012 Sorry I can't be categoric because I wasn't in the country when it happened, but I found you on the internet, paid and you were there very quickly - so a very good service to that extent.

This goes to Joe Dawkins a Plumber in West Wickham near Bromley.

24. 20th June 2012 Joe Dawkins of JD Plumbing Direct was helpful and fixed the problem quickly. His advice was very useful and we will be using him in the future.

This goes to Joe Dawkins from JD Plumbing an Emergency Plumber in West Wickham near Bromley.

2. 30th April 2012 Very quick and extremely friendly and professional help. Emergency Job from 3am early hours of the morning.

Joe Dawkins also got Plumber of the Month May 2012.

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