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Plumbing Reviews 11 - 20.

Here are the Plumbing Reviews 11 - 20

20. 8th June 2012 James Coburn arrived bang on time. The job was a blocked toilet. James was determined to find the blockage and tried 9 meters of rod in the outside drain. A particularly nasty task this one and James couldn't locate the blockage despite his best efforts. (It in fact required the services of a specialist drain company with camera and jet equipment to fix the problem the next day). James rang United Utilities to arrange a visit the next day (he considered the blockage was in a shared drain). When they arrived they said straight away that my property didn’t have a shared drain. James did his level best on the night but the job was more one for a drain specialist contractor, as I say.

Thanks from D Mercer.
This goes to James Coburn an Emergency Plumber Liverpool.

19. 30th May 2012 Martin Smith attended our house promptly and did a speedy efficient and excelent service. We had a burst pipe (corrosion not frost). His charges were reasonable and I was well aware of likely cost before he attended.

Thanks from C Roberts
This goes to Martin Smith an Emergency Plumber Warrington

18. 28th May 2012 Stephen Edwards, the emergency engineer, came out quickly in the middle of the night. Fixed the immediate problem and returned within 48hrs with the parts necessary to prevent a repetition of the problem. He kept in contact via the phone throughout. He was professional, efficient and polite. Would use again and would recommend to others.

Thanks from Amanda
This goes to Stephen Edwards an Plumbing Engineer in Croydon

17. 24rd May 2012 Martin Smith was very helpful and I really appreciated the advice he gave.

Thanks from Kate
This goes to Plumber 24 hours Help and advice sponsoring Emergency Plumber Birmingham

Subject: How to de-pressuraze my Boiler

16. 23rd May 2012 I would highly recommend your engineer for his very profesional and polite manner. He quickly assessed the job and saved me a lot of further damage and would like to thank him for his service.

Thanks from Alan.
This goes to Martin Smith an Emergency Plumbers Warrington

15. 22nd May 2012 The plumber was very friendly, fixed the leak quickly and did a good job. All round a good results. Please pass on my regards & thanks – I would use him again.

Thanks from Thomas.
This goes to James Robinson an Emergency Plumber in Bedminster near Bristol

14. 21st May 2012 He did an absolutely superb job. He was great!

Thanks from Danield Huskey .
This goes to Mark Eadsforth an Emergency Plumber in Manchester.

13. 18th May 2012 stephen was very professional ,he communicated well explained the problem and issues , worked effectively and went about his work in a pleasant fashion.

Thanks from malcolm
This goes to Stephen Lonsdale an Emergency Plumber in Birkenhead.

12. 17th May 2012 Michael arrived swiftly, he was courteous, found the problem quickly, and rectified it in swift time. He did a good job, getting us out of a fix very rapidly. Much appreciated

Thanks from Colin
This goes to Micheal Reed an Emergency Plumber in Gosport.

11. 16th May 2012 fast response
thorough job completed quickly
knowledgeable plumber
reasonable price
would reccomend and use again
thank you

Thanks from Greg.
This goes to Martin Smith an Emergency Plumbers Warrington