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Plumbing News October 2011. Weather News For Snow

Plumbing News for October 2011 - Snow is on its way for next Month as the Winter is early. Last year in december we broke the record for the coldest winter on record but was not good news for most who found themselves with no central heating and plenty of burst pipes. There was a shortage of Plumbers and the average response time for a Emergency Plumber was approximate 2 hours if you was Lucky and some of the bigger companies was 2 weeks with a back log of burst Pipes.

Frozen Burst Pipes

Martin Smith who is Plumber in Chester went out in december of last year at 7am in the morning and did not return until 10pm the next day, Some people would say this was very dangerous or over worked but shows the Plumbing industry how much Plumbers were in demand.

In October there will be a sharp demand in Boiler Break downs and Plumbing issues all through out the UK so out advice is to get ready and make sure you follow all Plumbing hints on How to keep your plumbing save in Winter. One of the biggest hints is not to let your pipes reach below -8 which also includes the attic, out side and also the mains water coming in to the house.

If you experience no water coming in to the property then the best advice would be to have a fan heater pointing closely to the mains stop valve coming into the house which can sometimes take you a day before water re-enters the House, Sometimes this does not work as the pipe under ground may also freeze up If the temperature hits -16 and keep in mind to every foot below the grounds service is a degree or 2 warmer which then means there is no chance you will have any water until the day after the icy water starts to melt or in some cases it has been known to some that it can take up to a week before you get water again.

Best Plumbing advice at -8 or below Make sure you keep your attic below -8 either by leaving the attic door open or putting a heater in there that has a thermo temperature stat that turns on at low temperature.

Main Page on Plumbing News will keep you update with Breaking news on the temperature through the winter.

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