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Plumbing News November 2011 Expect Minus Conditions

Plumbing News for November 2011 - There has been some News combining Science and weather lately which can keep an Emergency Plumber very busy for month's. Our Plumbing News November is a must read if you need to prepare for the coming months whever your a Plumber or most importantly the customer.

Asbestos - A Plumber in the bath area has been exposed to abestos where the company have been fined £600 and also Pay an Aprox £6,000 in costs. The Plumber in Bath was fitting pipework for a new central heating system which he was exposed to high levels of blue asbestos (crocidolite), the court heard that the airborn substance was desturbed and spread within the building during the refurbishment. The owner admitted breaching Regulation 10 of the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 and was ordered to pay out the fine plus costs. Martin Smith says the lesson we want to teach you all from this is when you find asbestos is to leave it alone and call the Aspestos team straight away.

Frozen Burst Pipes

Overlook from last month in the wheather for the Plumbing News, It has been said that there will be snow this month but all we have seen has been hail snow and no more with temparuture a little above average which is quite normal. Up to now there has only been an increase of 1% of those looking for an Emergency Plumber which is quite low.

Bristan raises 30k for cancer Charity.

Picture time, Now as i am very honest the Picture to the left was something i came across and thought it was a great thing to share and is also a warning to those who can easily be ripped off with there Plumbing issues expecially if a Plumber takes over an hour with a 15 minute Job. This can be quite commen as we get lots of feed back of our Plumbers saying this and that company tells us to charge well driving to the Plumbers Merchant to get materials on an Hourly rate and to take there time and may be sit around for a bit. In our view this is OUT OF ORDER and we dont believe in travelling and charging an houly rate, We recommend you have a price of the Plumber before he starts to drag his feet.

In November there will be a sharp demand in Boiler Break downs and Plumbing issues all through out the UK so our advice is to get ready and make sure you follow all Plumbing hints on How to keep your plumbing save in Winter. One of the biggest hints is not to let your pipes reach below -8 which also includes the attic, out side and also the mains water coming in to the house.

If you experience no water coming in to the property then the best advice would be to have a fan heater pointing closely to the mains stop valve coming into the house which can sometimes take you a day before water re-enters the House, Sometimes this does not work as the pipe under ground may also freeze up If the temperature hits -16 and keep in mind to every foot below the grounds service is a degree or 2 warmer which then means there is no chance you will have any water until the day after the icy water starts to melt or in some cases it has been known to some that it can take up to a week before you get water again.

Best Plumbing advice at -8 or below Make sure you keep your attic below -8 either by leaving the attic door open or putting a heater in there that has a thermo temperature stat that turns on at low temperature.

Main Page on Plumbing News will keep you update with Breaking news on the temperature through the winter.

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