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Leaking Stop Valve - Dripping Gate Valve - Isolation water leak

Leaking Stop valve or stop tap mostly start to leak when they have been turned off then back on due to lack off use and a scale build up on the gland, Having a dripping gate valve can also be very similar, to fix both of these leaks out advice is very simple for you. Get a pair of grips and close up the gland clockwise which then should stop the leak, If the Leak has not stopped then call a professional to fix the Leaking stop valve.

Leaking Stop Valve Gland or stop tap body - Here is a typical stop valve to the right of you. So you know what you need to close up so we have added this Stop valve. To the top this picture you have the handle, just below the handle you have the Spindle, Gland Nut, Packing, Body, Jumper, washer and Valve base. The first and most likely place that will leak is the Stop tap gland nut which is 90% of the time. The other 10% is either the stop valve body or the 15ml stop valve nut. When the stop valve became stiff which the reason for this is the stop tap gland nut or the stop valve spindle which furs up due to scale from the water.

Stop tap valve | Water board

What happens if i need the stop tap replacing When you need the mains stop valve to be replaced the first thing you need to do is find the out side stop valve which is owned by the water board by looking for a square lid which is about 20cm by 20cm in size, you can either turn of by hand clockwise but in most cases you will need a stop tap key. You may either have to turn this many times or quarter turn to stop the water flow. Sometime you are unable to do this which means you will then need to call the water board to explain why and depending if you need an Emergency Plumber they may come out within the next 2 hours depending on the location of there engineer. On an emergency most of the time they will not charge you as this is there property but it has been known in the past that they will charge a fee which can sometimes be debatable. The water board will not charge if the fault is with there stop tap valve.